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Last updated:  08/20/12
JBR Chips Little Bit Of Blue

Photos below taken 08/20/10

Bay Appaloosa GELDING with TWO BLUE EYES 
DOB 01-13-2008
AMHA A184448
AMHR 288459T

Birth height:  23" -- Current height 35" (is over for AMHA papers)

(JBR Chocolate Chip x Nordics Blueberry)

"What a beautiful baby," were my first words when this boy entered the world!  He has his sire's beautiful ice-blue eyes but also has a bald-face with a unique pattern.  It was not obvious when he was wet that he had little sprinkles of color on his butt, but the next morning I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that frosting!  His baby hair has come off, and he is just gorgeous.    Little Bit is one of the sweetest boys you will find, although a bit shy.  You can walk right up to him in the pasture, and he has excellent ground manners.  He is very correct with a good bite, straight legs and excellent feet.  He may color more as he ages.


Photos below taken 09/27/09


Photos below taken 05/03/09

Photos below taken 07/29/08


Photos below taken 05/11/08 just after body clipping:

Photos below taken at 6 weeks old.


Photos below taken at four and a half days.

Here is Little Bit's pedigree:


JBR Chocolate Chip
Bay Appaloosa 29.75"


Dancing Cloud Cherokee Star
Bay Appaloosa 30.5"



Grays Loud and Proud
Bay Appaloosa 30"


Shadow Oaks Cock Robin
Chestnut Appaloosa 30.5"


Grays Bright Adios
Bay Appaloosa 33.5"
Pineys Goldilocks
Solid Bay 33.5"
Pineys Sod Buster
Chestnut Pinto 32.5"

Ashleys Goldie
Solid Dun 33.5"
Royal Oaks Magical Dots
Bay Snowflake Appaloosa 29.5"


Hobby Horses Little Cherokee
Bay Appaloosa 30.5"

Hobby Horses Stormy
 Grey Appaloosa 33.0"
Hobby Horses Blackie Girl
Solid Black 29.5"
Kobecks Brindy Bay Lite 
Bay Appaloosa 33.0"


Komokos Chief Running Brave
Grey Appaloosa 30.0"

Kobecks Brindy
Solid Grey 33.75"
Nordics Blueberry
Bay Appaloosa 34.0"





Komokos Running Bride
Unregistered 36.0"


Photos below taken at 2-1/2 days old.

Photos below taken at 15 hours old.   



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