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Last updated:  08/20/12
JBR Shadows Elegant Whisper

Photos above taken 08/20/10

Silver Dapple Few Spot or Snowcap?  Appaloosa  MARE 
DOB 04-06-2007
AMHA A177188
AMHR 280857T

Approx. 21"  at birth.    Currently 33.5".

(JTR Royal Storms Spots N Shadows x JTR Spotted Horses Temptation)

 "Whisper"  is a very unusual silver dapple color and is either a few-spot, snowcap or few-cap appaloosa with mottling in all the right places.  She was fairly tall at birth and quite leggy, but she has matured at 33.5".      She is a beautiful mare who would have added a lot to our breeding program if we were still breeding--take a look at her extensive appaloosa pedigree (see below).  She is very curious, easy to catch and laid back.  She has a straight bite, straight legs, good feet and her sire's great personality.  She has never been bred only because we stopped breeding; so, basically, she has been a pasture pet!

Photos above taken 05/03/09


Photos below taken 07/29/08.


Photos below taken 03/01/08 in her winter woolies.


Photos below taken at just over two weeks old--she loves to run and come over for pets!  Her chest/neck area looks a bit strange because we started shaving her....only to find out we were in for more cold weather! 

Photos below taken at four hours old.

Her sire's pedigree (JTR Royal Storms Spots N Shadows):

Lazy H Royal Storm
Grey Appaloosa 29.5"

Lazy H Dark Storm
Solid Grey 29.5"

Komokos Dark Destroyer
Solid Black 29.0"

Komokos Little Husseler
Solid Dun 26.5"

My Darling Moto
Solid Chestnut 31.0"

Twin Acres Topsy
Solid Grey 32.0"

Twin Acres Topper Boy
Dapple Grey 30.0"


Lazy H Arabian Queen
Blue Roan 33.5"

Sir Tuckaway
Solid Black 31.0"

Blackie Smith Foundation

Smith Foundation Mare

Starlites Corkie
Grey Appaloosa 34.0"

Starlites Chief
Grey Appaloosa 34.0"

Starlites  White Dove
Black Appaloosa 37.0" FO

Bryland Farms Dancing Bear
Solid Bay 33.5"

X Plosion Light Vant Huttenest
Black Appaloosa 34.0"

Orion Light Vant Huttenest
 Blue Roan Appaloosa 31.0"


Dell Teras Jane
Solid Grey 33.0"




Mini Brown Jug
Solid Buckskin 30.5"

Mini White Cloud
Solid White 32.5"




Little Brown Jug
Solid Bay 33.5"


Her dams pedigree (JTR Spotted Horses Temptation):

Sligo Spotted Horse

Sorrel Appaloosa 30.5"


Dell Teras Batman
Solid Chestnut 30.0"
Dell Teras Moon Man
Chestnut Pinto 31.0"
Stouts Mister Pride
Solid Sorrel 30.5"

Stouts Mona Lisa
Chestnut Pinto 32.5"
Unknown Unknown
Dorothy D Moto
Solid Black 32.0"  
Unknown Unknown
Rogges Abbie
Solid Palomino 31.0"
Star Prince
Chestnut Dapple 30.75"
Montanas Misty Moon
Solid Palomino 29.0"
Mr Montana
Montanas Golden Girl
Solid Palomino 33.0"
Plum Happys Princess
Solid Chestnut 34.0"
Jandts Abbie of Owatonna
Dapple Grey 34.0"  


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