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Last updated:  11/03/14
JBR Frankie McGhee


Frankie is a nice-looking bull calf and is very friendly.  He's got a nice-sized hump for his age and we expect great things from him.  His momma is a gorgeous black and white cow, so Frankie could possibly give you some nice-colored calves.  He is for sale.

D.O.B. 03/17/14
IMZA T-6249, AMZA 022963B
Grey Foundation Pure Miniature Zebu Bull

Shell Creek Bullseye (sire)  x Bogle Farms Mimzy

Click on the links above to see pedigree info.

  When Frankie was born on St. Patrick's Day, we wanted to give him an Irish kind of name; and we also wanted to honor my brother, Frank, and John's dad (both deceased), whose birthdays were on March 18th--so JBR Frankie McGhee it is!


Photos above taken at 5-1/2 months old.

Photos above taken 3/19/14 at two days old

Photos below taken at 3-1/2 days old.

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