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Last updated:  08/20/12

JBR Princess Penelope

Sorrel Appaloosa Mare
DOB 06-16-2006, AMHA A169878, AMHR 271763A

Approx. 22"  at birth.  Currently 34.0" 

(JBR Prince For Sure x Meadowlakes Crimson & Clover)

Penelope was born solid chestnut, but she is turning into a gorgeous snowflake appaloosa as she matures, just like her dam.   She has beautiful conformation with a petite head and has matured at  34".    Penelope has a very loving, sweet personality and loves attention.  Straight bite, great feet (striped hooves), long, gorgeous tail.  She has never been bred, only because we stopped breeding. She has just been a pasture pet.

Photos below taken 08/20/10:

Photos below taken 06/25/09:



Photos below taken at almost two months old--she is a knockout!!


 Photos below taken at two days old.


Here is Penelope's pedigree.

JBR Prince For Sure
Sorrel Appaloosa 34.0""


Royal Oaks Sugar For Sure
Solid Chestnut 34.0""

NFC Sugar Boys Ambassador
Solid Chestnut 30.0"  
NFCs Sugar Boy
Red Roan 28.5"



NFCs Champagne Lady
Palomino Pinto 30.5"


Dents Red Cherry
Solid Sorrel 32.75"

Dell Teras Little Loyo
Solid Black 29.25"

Dun Sally
 Solid Dun 35.75" FO 
Kobecks Princess
Chestnut Leopard Appaloosa 32.0"

Photo by Robin Cole


Dell Teras Eagle
Solid Black 29.0"
Dell Teras Jim Dandy
Blue Roan Appaloosa 31.0"

Dell Teras Judy
Miss Lizzie
Grey Appaloosa 34.0"


Unnamed Herd Mare
Meadowlakes Crimson & Clover
Sorrel Snowflake Appaloosa 34.0"

Stouts Firecracker
Red Roan 28.5"
Stouts Moonshine
Chestnut Pinto 30.0" 
Stouts Mister Pride
Solid Sorrel 30.5"

Stouts Mona Lisa
Chestnut Pinto 32.5"
Stouts Rainbow
Brown Pinto 31.5"  


Stouts Mister Pride
Solid Sorrel 30.5"

Stouts Jeannie

Solid Chestnut 32.0"

Delightful Doll Moto
Black Pinto 33.5"







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