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Last updated:  08/20/12

Mystique Precious Peaches of JBR

Photo above taken 08/20/10

Palomino Appaloosa  Mare
DOB 03-31-2005
AMHA A159255
AMHR 259568A
Currently 33.75" 

(Mystique Valcors Aura x Southern Charms Diamond Lil)

  Peaches is a beautiful golden palomino with white spots all over her body and is one of the sweetest horses we have raised here.    She has excellent bloodlines and is a Yellow Diamond Little Feather granddaughter, and goes back to Orion Light Vant Huttenest on her sire's side (see complete pedigree below).  She has never been bred, only because we stopped breeding in 2007; she has basically been a pasture pet.  We were fortunate to buy her back in 2009 after having sold her in the summer of 2008. She does have a small cosmetic flaw on the left side of her nasal bone where she was presumably kicked at some point (while she was in her different home), but it does not affect her health in any way. 

Photos above taken 06/08/09


  Photos below taken in June 2007 as a two-year old, just after shedding.

Photos below taken 05/11/07 as a yearling.

Here is Peaches as a two-month old!


Here is Peaches' pedigree.

Mystique Valcors Aura
Brown Tovero Pintaloosa 30.5"



Mystique Happys Valcor
Solid Black 30.5"

Happy Appy
Grey Appaloosa 31.0"

Orion Light Vant Huttenest
Blue Roan Appaloosa 31.0"

Umbrella Bird Vant Huttenest
Blue Roan Appaloosa 30.0"
Evans Norris Susie
Solid Black 31.75"
Dell Teras Red Baron
Solid Sorrel 31.0"
Evans Bay Lady
Solid Bay 32.5"
Log Cabin Farms Mystical Mystique
Brown Pinto 32.25" 
Pine Trees Bonus
Cremello Pinto 30.5"
Hemlock Brooks Silver Legend
Dapple Grey 27.0"
Hemlock Brooks Kemotion
Grey Pinto 31.75"
Painted Josie
Bay Pinto 33.75"
Kings Commander
Black Beauty
Southern Charms Diamond Lil
Silver Bay Appaloosa 32.75"

Yellow Diamond Little Feather
Sorrel Appaloosa 30.25" 


Jim Dandy
Blue Roan Appaloosa 31.0" 


Dandy Jim
Dell Teras Little Squaw
Hobby Horses Gniog Revo
Black Appaloosa 34.0"  
Hobby Horses Stormy
Grey Appaloosa 33.0"
Hobby Horses Apache
Black Appaloosa 34.75" FO
Hobby Horses Pennybella
Black Appaloosa 34.0"
Hobby Horses Satin Lace
Solid Black 33.75"



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