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Last Updated: 08/20/12

JTR Royal Storms Spots N Shadows

(Lazy H Royal Storm x Bryland Farms Dancing Bear)

D.O.B. 06-19-02
32.25" Dun Few-Spot Appaloosa Stallion

AMHA A143874/AMHR 244489A DNA Tested

 Shadow has given us some beautiful foals, and he stamps his quirky, fun-loving, sweet personality on all his foals.  He has produced mostly colored foals at birth, and those that didn't show color at birth have gotten coloring as they age.  He has a wonderful pedigree and produces quality foals.  He hand or pasture breeds, although he has not been used for breeding for a few years.  He has great conformation, a straight bite, straight legs and good feet.  He has a very long flowing mane and tail and is breathtaking when he kicks it up in the pasture.





Lazy H Royal Storm
Grey Appaloosa 29.5"

Lazy H Dark Storm
Solid Grey 29.5"

Komokos Dark Destroyer
Solid Black 29.0"

Komokos Little Husseler
Solid Dun 26.5"

My Darling Moto
Solid Chestnut 31.0"

Twin Acres Topsy
Solid Grey 32.0"

Twin Acres Topper Boy
Dapple Grey 30.0"


Lazy H Arabian Queen
Blue Roan 33.5"

Sir Tuckaway
Solid Black 31.0"

Blackie Smith Foundation

Smith Foundation Mare

Starlites Corkie
Grey Appaloosa 34.0"

Starlites Chief
Grey Appaloosa 34.0"

Starlites  White Dove
Black Appaloosa 37.0" FO

Bryland Farms Dancing Bear
Solid Bay 33.5"

X Plosion Light Vant Huttenest
Black Appaloosa 34.0"

Orion Light Vant Huttenest
 Blue Roan Appaloosa 31.0"


Dell Teras Jane
Solid Grey 33.0"




Mini Brown Jug
Solid Buckskin 30.5"

Mini White Cloud
Solid White 32.5"




Little Brown Jug
Solid Bay 33.5"


Here are some of Shadow's  foals!



JBR Shadows Mirabelle, black appaloosa filly
DOB 03/15/09
Dam: Nordics Blueberry




JBR Shadows Elegant Whisper, silver dapple snowcap appaloosa filly DOB 04-06-07
Dam:  JTR Spotted Horses Temptation




JBR Shadows Silver Streak, Silver Dapple Appaloosa colt, DOB 05-09-07
Dam: Dent Black Kishi








JBR Shadows Second Chance, Silver Dapple Snowcap Appaloosa colt, DOB 05-31-06
Dam: Dancing Gator Farms Appy Dappy Doo





JBR Shadows Image, Silver Dapple Tovero Pinto colt, DOB 03-20-06
Dam:  Dancing Cloud Painted Lady, chestnut/white pinto





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