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Last updated:  03/21/14
Komokos Song Bird

 Miniature Zebu Cow - Komokos Songbird and her 2010 miniature zebu calf Komokos Songbird - Miniature zebu Cow and her 2012 mini zebu calf, owned by JBR Ranch, Florida
Photos courtesy of Bogle Farms.  Songbird with her 2010 calf on left and her 2012 red calf on right.


D.O.B. 05-24-1997, 35 inches
IMZA Z-1912
Grey Foundation Pure Miniature Zebu Cow

Song Bird is our oldest cow and has had several calves.  Her 2012 calf, Bogle Farms Ladybird, is a beautiful red heifer, whom we also have.   Songbird had a cute little bull in 2014 (JBR Jesse James) who is for sale now with Songbird.

Miniature Zebu Cow, Komokos Songbird, and her 2012 mini zebu calf, Bogle Farms Ladybird, owned by JBR Ranch, Florida
Songbird with her 2012 red mini zebu heifer (on right).

When we got our cattle from Bogle Farms, we asked if Song Bird could be dehorned.  Rick used a method he's used before by wrapping castration bands around her horns and said they should fall off within a few months if the bands were in the right position.  We came out one day at the end of January, and found that Songbird had lost one of her horns!  We're waiting for the other one to fall off but not sure if it will.  So, for now, she is our one-horned cow!

Her pedigree is below:


Komokos Little Don Juan (Sire)



Reddicks Li'l Dynamo
(Not Reg) NR7

Unavailable NR1
Unavailable NR2

Komokos Mini Tasha


Unavailable NR1
Unavailable NR2
Komokos Lady Calcutta (dam)



Unavailable NR1

Unavailable NR1
Unavailable NR2
Unavailable NR2
Unavailable NR1
Unavailable NR2




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