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Confetti's Training

Last Updated: 01/26/11

    Confetti started her training as a guide horse by Debbie King of Castle Farms in Jacksonville, Florida.  Unfortunately, Debbie was unable to continue the training in October of 2002 and Confetti actually moved home with Cheryl and Chris.  We all put our heads together trying to find another trainer for this special little horse.   

  After contacting many trainers, most did not have the time or resources to take on this task.  Chris and Cheryl did find someone willing to help, however, and came to an agreement with  Richard and Gayle Ray of Silver Meadows in Anthony.  They felt that it would be detrimental for Confetti to go back into a barn situation since Confetti is already house-broken and lives in the house!  They have offered to train Confetti on an as-needed basis for special situations and are available for phone consultations.  The biggest part of Confetti's training is being accomplished by Cheryl and Chris, since they literally take Confetti almost everywhere they go.  Confetti actually enjoys the outings and all the attention she draws.  One of her favorite outings is when they go through the drive-through at Wendy's where she gets free shredded carrots as a treat!

Confetti is now one of nine other horses being trained as guides.  Two other miniature horses have been trained as guides by  by the Guide Horse Foundation and are currently being used as guides.  

   Confetti is doing great in her new role--she has learned many voice commands and had her harness on for the first time on August 22, 2002--and she was leading Cheryl ALL BY HERSELF!  She has been to the malls, to office buildings, to Disney and has had many rides in her van.  Nothing seems to faze her!  She has been slipping a bit on the floors, so Chris, Cheryl's husband, has been preparing her shoes.  Below are photos of Cheryl and Confetti with Confetti in the harness for the first time at the Regency Mall in Jacksonville, Florida.


Confetti came for a visit back home to JBR Ranch early in 2003--she really is a little Princess!  She kicked up her heels a bit while visiting and enjoyed the change of scenery.  I think she knew where she was, but she didn't hesitate to climb up the ramp back into the van when it was time to go.  Check out the photos below of Confetti's visit.  


    Confetti always comes for a visit whenever Chris and Cheryl make their way to Orlando, and it is always great to see her and how much they all have accomplished.  As Confetti learns new things, we will update her progress on this page and hope to include some new photos. 


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