JBR Red Velvet on the left, red heifer calf and JBR Painted Bandito on the right, red/white paint bull calf, born 07/03/16.  


JBR Ranch is a small  farm located in central Florida, not far from the east coast, and only 30 minutes from the Orlando International Airport.  We raised miniature horses for 12 years, focusing mainly on the colorful appaloosa miniature horses.  We hand-picked our herd sires and dams, whose excellent bloodlines included many champion, color-producing miniature horses.  Our goal was always to produce the most colorful, conformationally-correct miniature horses with sweet, loving personalities.

Our goals will be  the same with the mini zebus as we start this new chapter in our lives--to produce the most colorful, conformationally-correct miniature zebus with sweet, loving personalities.     Miniature zebus come in more than the standard gray color--they can be red/white, black/white, grey, brindle or any combination.  We love color here, so we will strive for colorful mini zebu calves.  We have an excellent small herd of hand-picked mini zebu cattle that are all foundation pure.  Most of our calves will be for sale--keep watching our site to see their arrival.  Thanks to our friends at River Ranch and Bogle Farms for all their advice and excellent miniature zebus.

The miniature horses we raised were handled on a daily basis, and all were very well-behaved and people-friendly.  We do the same with our miniature zebu cattle.  We have never been a production farm and jave remained small in order to give each of our miniature zebus the care they deserve.      We currently do not have any horses for sale, but we took great pride in our miniature horses and always sold with honesty and integrity and offered support after the sale.  We will do the same with our miniature zebu cattle giving them one-on-one daily attention to produce well-mannered, colorful miniature zebus.  

 If you have purchased one of our miniature horses and find you can no longer keep it, please contact us first.  We currently have no horses but, in the past,  have repurchased several miniature horses over the years and either kept them or found them wonderful new homes. 

We hope you enjoy your virtual tour.